T2 consulting AB

The Baletester T2M can be adapted to suit your needs of testings.                                                                         T2M1 prototype is equipped with a hydraulic clam holding the machine in the bale during drilling.       T2M can also be fitted with a conveyor belt. The machine is supplied with 30 mm or 50 mm drill depending on the type of material to be tested. T2M1 has a stroke length of 70 cm but can be adapted to another if desired.

The machine is clamped in the bale by means of the the self-centering clamps.

The drilling unit can be moved sideways, which means that you can drill several times in the same bale.

Speed and feed rate can be regulated on the controll panel. Order for drilling to be as light as possible depending on the material to be tested.

Drilling takes approximately 10 seconds back and forth

After drilling the drill is placed in the hydraulic ejector

It takes about 10 seconds to empty the drill on the material that is collected in a container or bag.

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